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CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata


An analog camera is traditionally used in the CCTV system. Video is sent through cables to VCRs or DVRs. Today hybrid system has been introduced in the analog camera system. Although it offers you not so much good video quality, they perform better in low light condition. The site range of an analog camera is limited. If you zoom a picture captured in a analog camera you will be deprived of the clarity and you will get a degraded picture. 

An analog camera has a limited resolution, which can range from 420 to 700; which at the high end can produce sharp images. A coax cable is needed for the operation of the traditional analog camera. An analog camera can also work with wireless connections, but that in that case you will get less resolution. Using a coax cable an analog camera is able to send a video up to 300 meters away, but at the time of transmission it can lose clarity with the distance. This particularly happens when the signals are converted between different formats. Abundance of cable is one of the primary features of an analog camera. At least three separate cables are needed to an analog camera to handle power, audio and video system. 

Analog video feeds are not encrypted. So, the security system has loopholes. In terms of reliability, you can trust it. It has been used for more than half a century and have a long history  of reliability.

CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata