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CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata


Today homeowners can get robust home security features through home automation systems. In a smart home, you will get strong security with an automatic door lock, which is totally different from an ordinary key door lock system. The keyless feature is one of the basic features of an automatic door lock system. It is not like a manual door lock; it can be picked up or unlocked by someone. A code or an encrypted signal is necessary for that purpose. You can change your code in any way or any time you want. Multiple codes are allowed to be used in most of the models of automatic doors. You can also set specific passcode for specific people. An automatic door lock system offers you more control over your own home. Using your own smartphone, you are able to lock your home from anywhere, even when you are not in your home. 

There are many types of automatic door lock systems. They are a card locking system, fingerprint locking system, and face recognition system 

  • Card locking system: The keycard locking system includes a flat rectangular plastic card. Inside this card, a physical or digital pattern is stored which is accepted by the door mechanism. But this must be done before designing the lock. You can use several types of keycards like magnetic strips, a smart cards with a microchip, Wiegand, barcode, RFID, or NFC proximity card. Normally the hotels use keycards as an alternative to mechanical keys.
  • Fingerprint locking system: This is apert of biometric door lock system. An optical or thermal scanner is used to store the fingerprint of a particular person who is authorized to unlock your door. This type of lock is quite convenient you don’t have to carry a cry with you. With your fingerprint it can recognize that whether you are the authorized user, after that it will allow you to input a pin to unlock the door. 
  • Facial recognition system: A facial recognition system controls the door locking system with nothing but your face. You don’t need to carry a card or a key. You just have to walk up and look at the reader. The recognition process will be started, it will identify the person and if the person is the right person, it sends a signal to unlock the doors. It provides you touchless access to the doors. This system verifies a person directly, so you get high level pf security.     


CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata