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A Biometric door lock is part of a smart lock system. It includes a combination of fingerprint and pin, which allows you to unlock your door. You need authorized people for that purpose. This system uses personally identifiable information in the place of a traditional key. When the scanner will determine that you are the authorized person it will send a signal to you to put the pin. After putting the right pin, the door will be unlocked. A biometric lock system is safer than any other mode of locking because it uses your unique fingerprint to open the door. A reader can hold multiple fingerprints and allow you to choose who can enter. But it entirely depends on the type of the system. 

Benefits of biometric system 

  • It gives you total control. You can program thousands of authorized users. After the setting of the desired access privileged, you can upload them to the lock using a thumb drive 
  • This system is keyless. Only because of this reason this system is more reliable. They provide you with peace of mind. Most fingerprint door locks can detect when a door closes and will automatically lock after five minutes.
  • A biometric lock system deals with an individual’s actual fingerprint, which is quite impossible to replicate. A fingerprint can’t be stolen, lost, or made a duplicate. They are even designed to identify the properties of a 3D finger. It has a silicon sensor. Through this, it can reject anything used for unlocking the door, which does not resemble a human finger. 

Future of biometric system 

The biometric lock system has gained much popularity. the fingerprint lock system is quite common today. Along with the fingerprint other process is gaining popularity. Maybe in near future, we will totally depend upon a keyless locking system.

CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata