CCTV Camera Installation Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, security is the utmost priority for most of the urban settlement as most of the urbanites’ are out of their home for work. Then how will they protect their property or save their property from intruders? The best way is to install CCTV cameras at home. In order to take advantage of CCTV cameras, you must ensure certain points. At the time of purchasing CCTV camera, test the functionality of the camera first as troubleshooting is easier when CCTV hasn’t been mounted yet.

Call the professional to install CCTV cameras –

We suggested not to install CCTV camera by yourself. No matter how convenient the CCTV is, only a professional has a certain experience and electrical knowledge can install it properly. Even after following instructions, a user won’t learn all the intricacies of how to properly apply the CCTV to a specific object. If it is a wired CCTV, can also occur in an accident. If CCTV camera is in extra-low voltage (ELV), then working with voltages has the potential to seriously injure you.

Consider the lighting at the area –

The installation engineer should check the area to be under surveillance has adequate and consistent lighting for the CCTV to be able to catch any objects. He has to choose the point where the light is most so that the whole place can be seen well. If this area is not covered with sufficient lighting, then install a night-vision CCTV camera.

Install the camera appropriately for viewing the maximum area –

In continuation of the above point, always choose the right place that covers the whole area. The experienced service engineers always choose the right position to install CCTV were they able to view the space you intend them to survey. For example, don’t install CCTV cameras at the corners of any buildings, may produce blind-spots and hinder cameras’ views and make sure the CCTV cameras should be positioned to see basement windows, back doors, etc. Install CCTV to view the front door as visitors use the front door to make entry to your house.

Hide CCTV cables-

Protect easily reached cables as it can easily be detached.  Experienced and professional engineers hide the cable in conduit and also waterproof the cable connection points in order to protect it or at least making it difficult to access.

Prefer wired CCTV camera-

Wireless technology is gaining popularity and it is easy to install but still, it is more “hackable’’ than a wired CCTV camera. As an industry expert, I recommend choosing wired CCTV over a wireless system as it is more dependable and require less maintenance.  Wireless CCTV is convenient when adding new points and will also save money during installation. In reality, wireless is a cheaper and easy way to go. If you want it for the long term and less maintenance then choose Wired CCTV.

Usability also keeps in mind-

The best CCTV camera won’t mean worthy to customers if they are not user friendly. The CCTVs should be easy to install and the software should be intuitive and easy to use and above all suitable for its users.

Managing the CCTV Cameras and its data-

Professional CCTV installers suggest the DVR or NVR as per its requirement and provide detail the pros and cons of each so the users can make an informed decision. DVRs and NVRs handle the video data differently. Most NVRs are used with IP cameras whereas DVRs are used with analog cameras or Wired CCTV.

Recorded data is most important if any untoward incident happens. So users need to keep the data properly and know the way to retrieve it. A proper configuration is needed to keep the data in the right place safely.

Hire a professional from a reputed CCTV installation company-

It is suggested not to hire a CCTV installation professional from local always hire an experienced professional from an established branded CCTV camera installation in Kolkata like CSGOCO. When you do find an expert, ask for his certificate and experience in CCTV installation.


These are the important considerations you must make as you plan for installing CCTV surveillance system in your home. CSGOCO is a most reputed CCTV camera installation in Kolkata. If you want to install a CCTV camera with the help of expert technicians, give us a call at 9831705959. You can also visit our website, fill out the form, submit and expect to hear from us right away.


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