A day-night camera is particularly designed to capture video in broad daylight as well as at night in total darkness. It has special lenses with Infrared LED. As a result, a user can see a clear picture of an object even in complete darkness. This camera has features of a digital signal processor that compensates for the difference in illumination between day and night modes. More expensive models offer you a difference in illumination between shaded and lighted areas of surveillance.


  • It can record in both color and black & white mode.
  • A wide variety of sizes is available.
  • It has the infrared capability.
  • It offers you 24  hours protection.
  • It gives you superior image quality both in day and night mode.
  • This camera has an electronic color adjustment feature.
  •  It allows recording with the right contrast at any time of day and night.


  • It is used in construction sites.
  • Equipment yeards and storage need this type of camera.
  • Scrap and recycling yards 
  • It can be used in car dealership centers.