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Great features and Usage of 4K or Ultra High Definition cameras

4K or Ultra HD CCTV camera surveillance systems are now gaining popularity and most of the renowned brands start manufacturing 4K or Ultra HD recording CCTV cameras as per growing demand. The images recorded in 4k resolution are horizontal resolutions are 4096 pixels and vertical resolution are 2160 pixels, so you can see more details in your videos. The images are very clear and have negligible ambiguity in images.

What is 4k or Ultra HD all about?

First, we focus on the functionality of a 4k or Ultra HD camera to understand its performance. Think of each image and video frame as a grid with columns and rows of pixels. A 1080P HD image is 1080 rows high and 1920 columns wide. A 4k or Ultra HD image has double this volume in both directions, resulting in nearly four times more pixels – namely 4k. It creates noticeably sharp images and video quality. These CCTV cameras can record videos in either 4k or 4096 resolution.

Advantages of 4k or Ultra HD CCTV surveillance system

Excellent Video Clarity

It has 8MP or more image sensors and provides excellent video clarity. Making it easy to capture very small objects or sounds which is not possible for 2K CCTV cameras. It can get clear pictures of human faces, dress colors, any small objects like shoes, vehicle license plates, models, etc. when an incident occurs.

High digital zooming quality

The best 4k CCTV camera offers high digital zooming capabilities. It can frame into images while maintaining crispy details so you can find an actual facial feature or any other important evidence from a far distance.

Powerful Infrared night vision facility

The high quality 4K or UHD CCTV camera has a powerful infrared night vision feature for translucent viewing in complete darkness inside or outside of premises. Infrared illuminators automatically activate in dark light to make it the seamless transition of day and night.

Easy to install capability

The 4K or UHD CCTV cameras are manufactured on the basis of Power-Over-Ethernet technology, which confirms simple plug and play installation. It offers a hassle-free installation process that reduces time and cost of service.

Widely cover the area of surveillance

Most of the 4k CCTV surveillance cameras have wide-angle 2.8mm fixed lenses that allow monitoring wider and large areas. It helps you to reduce installation costs as fewer cameras cover a large portion of the area. For example, you can install 4K CCTV cameras in go-down to cover more areas with fewer cameras.

Remote surveillance feature

4k or UHD CCTV cameras have a remote viewing feature that the user can view live video from remotely. You can simply install the app or .apk file or .exe file to your smartphone, tab, or PC and check it anytime. Most of the manufacturers provide it free with their product.

Extra video analytics features

The most advanced 4K or UHD cameras come with network video recorders that mean they have video analytics features with proper image detection. To get better functionality use 4k NVR with H.265 video compression for a better video storage facility.

Great features and Usage of 4K or Ultra High Definition cameras
Outdoor Usage

Vandal-proof and Waterproof

Most of the manufacturers designed 4k CCTV surveillance cameras for outdoor uses. So it makes in consideration of working at different weather. So the advanced 4k or UHD cameras have a waterproofing facility and come with a strong body that protects from vandalism risk.

Use of 4k CCTV Surveillance Camera

Most of the 4k or UHD cameras installed in large areas or crowded areas such as railway stations, airports, parking lots, shopping malls, road crossing, etc. Furthermore, 4k or Ultra HD CCTV cameras can be used for detecting small objects like luggage and cash, for face recognition, for high accident-prone zones.

It is true that technological advancement does not stop, and 4k or UHD cameras now bring the opportunity to get very clear video and monitor a single detail. It has been seen that offices are now considered 4k CCTV cameras for better surveillance. It will be better to consult with technicians before purchasing 4k or UHD cameras. A branded CCTV installation company like CSGOCO, CCTV camera installation in Kolkata can guide you properly and help you to install the best 4k or UHD camera at your places.