Pan Tilt Zoom camera which in short is called PTZ camera looks like a dome camera. It has a hard shell dome. It is used for protection and obscuring the camera’s direction from curious onlookers. Most importantly zoom feature is available here. It is typically used in surveillance. It can serve more than one purpose. Unlike a fixed camera which can take detailed shorts, it can track movements. It gives you three-sixty degree coverage.


  • It provides you a larger field of view.
  • With by auto-tracking feature, it can follow a moving object automatically.
  • It has a time-based auto-scan system.
  • It can be controlled remotely to track suspicious activity.
  • It supports zoom capabilities, through which one can view or capture faraway subjects.


  • Most industrial sectors use IP cameras.
  • Any crowded public place where face recognition is needed.
  • It can be used in inspecting  stations
  • It is used in parking lots 
  • It can be used in common areas in school.
  • This type of camera is installed in business campuses
  • It is also used in convention centers.