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How to replace a hard drive to CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ?


Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is one of the important components of a CCTV surveillance system.  It is actually a VCR that uses a hard drive instead of video. It keeps all data relating to the record, save for later viewing and playback videos recorded in it.  Swapping out a hard drive from DVR with data is common for an organization.

Sometimes it is needed to change the hard drive inside your surveillance DVR or NVR. In order to change a hard drive, first turned off the DVR. Use a screwdriver to remove the case of the DVR. Be careful at the time of removing the hard drive from the DVR case as it may strip the screws on the DVR and incurred damage that may void the warranty of the DVR.

There are different types of DVR models available in the market and have different kinds of hard drives. Some of the models support single hard drives; others hold more than one hard drive. In this case, you can add a second hard drive without much hassle. Few DVR models have inbuilt special ports for an external hard drive. The advantage of the external hard drive is as you have not replaced the native hard drive.

First, check what sort of interface Digital Video Recorder (DVR) uses to connect the hard drive. There are different types of hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SATA, PATA, SATA.  Before going to install a new hard drive, make sure the hard drive’s interface and DVR interface match. Few companies offer special hard drive kits for DVRs. These kits often instruct on how to swap out or add hard drives for that particular model of DVR.  You check that your DVR doesn’t have any cap on how much storage you can add. You have to do is put the new drive where the old drive was. Now connect the cables with the drive and replace the screws to hold the HDD in place.

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