Dome Camera:

This is the most common CCTV camera used for surveillance. It is much more difficult to identify its way of facing due to its dome shape. It is easier to detect criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.

Bullet Camera:

 This a type of security camera that looks like a rifle or a lipstick. That is why it is also called lipstick cameras. It is normally mounted on a wall or ceiling and focuses on a particular direction .It has built -in LED lights ,so it can capture crystal clear pictures even in darkness or low light.

PTZ Camera :

Pan Tilt Zoom camera which in short is called PTZ camera looks like a dome camera. It has hard shell dome . It is used for protection and obscuring the camera’s direction from curious onlookers. Most importantly zoom feature is available here. It is typically used in surveillance. It can serve more than one purpose. Unlike a fixed camera which can  takes detailed short it can track movements. It gives you three sixty degree coverage.