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CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata

Dome Camera:

This is the most common CCTV camera used for surveillance. It is much more difficult to identify its way of facing due to its dome shape. It is easier to detect criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.

Bullet Camera:

 This a type of security camera that looks like a rifle or a lipstick. That is why it is also called lipstick cameras. It is normally mounted on a wall or ceiling and focuses on a particular direction .It has built -in LED lights ,so it can capture crystal clear pictures even in darkness or low light.

PTZ Camera :

Pan Tilt Zoom camera which in short is called PTZ camera looks like a dome camera. It has hard shell dome . It is used for protection and obscuring the camera’s direction from curious onlookers. Most importantly zoom feature is available here. It is typically used in surveillance. It can serve more than one purpose. Unlike a fixed camera which can  takes detailed short it can track movements. It gives you three sixty degree coverage.

Fingerprint Door Lock

 This is a part of bio metric door lock system. An optical or thermal scanner is used to store the fingerprint of a particular person who is authorized to unlock your door. This type of lock is quite convenient you don’t have to carry a cry with you. With your fingerprint it can recognize that whether you are the authorized user, after that it will allow you to input a pin to unlock the door.

Card Reader Door Lock

 The keycard locking system includes a flat rectangular plastic card. Inside this card, a physical or digital pattern is stored which is accepted by the door mechanism. But this must be done before designing the lock. You can use several types of keycards like magnetic strips, a smart cards with a microchip, Wiegand, barcode, RFID, or NFC proximity card. Normally the hotels use keycards as an alternative to mechanical keys.

Face Scan Door Lock

 A facial recognition system controls the door locking system with nothing but your face. You don’t need to carry a card or a key. You just have to walk up and look at the reader. The recognition process will be started, it will identify the person and if the person is the right person, it sends a signal to unlock the doors. It provides you touch less access to the doors. This system verifies a person directly, so you get a high level of security.


Fingerprint Scanner

Bio metric finger print scanner technology offers you a dependable and unique way of identifying the individual’s identity. Fingerprint scanners are mainly used where it is necessary to  keep the record of the   identity of the individual people for enrollment,identification and verification. Finger print scanner is a part of the bio metric attendance system which helps you to mark the attendance in school,colleges,business organizations,offices, where it is necessary to mark the attendance accurately with time.The use of sensors ensures more security for the users.

Iris Scanner

This technology proved to be more secure and error free bio metric verification process among all the available process. This is the most trusted process of recognizing an  individual person taking into account the human retina.this process ensures intense security with profound accuracy. This scanner saves the existing iris pattern of the individuals in its database. When the camera captures the picture of another human iris it compare and match it with the existing one.  The bio metric iris recognition system is a bio metric system utilized for a real -time identification process with  high performance and great accuracy.     

Voice Recognition

  Voice Recognition is bio metric process to identify biological characteristic in order to authenticate them. This system improves security and minimize  breaches due to compromised password. Unlike other bio metric system the voice recognition system does not rely on a secret such as the person remembering a passphrase. It works by extracting the features that creates differentiation a person’s speech from the other.  

CCTV Camera Installation in Kolkata