Tips and tricks to maintain CCTV camera after installation

CCTV Camera has now become popular in offices and residential places. It has huge benefits for being used to surveillance remote places. If you have already installed a CCTV camera, then you have already understood its benefits. Like other electronic gadgets, CCTV cameras also need regular maintenance. Otherwise, you can’t improve the longevity of your surveillance cameras that you really need to have. Here’s how you maintain CCTV cameras to leverage their functionality.


  • Obstruction of the lens limits the view of the CCTV camera. In order to correct it, check that anything object obstructs the view of the lens. You can now remove the object from the view or adjust the lens to get the lens direction correct. Along with this, keep the CCTV lens clean from time to time so that dust particles could not reduce the performance of the CCTV camera.
  • If there are any marks on the CCTV camera lens or confirm that any foliage is trimmed back then clean the marks of the lens accordingly.
  • If your CCTV cameras are installed outside of the room then check they are properly attached to the wall.
  • If your cameras have a motion detection facility then check they are functioning properly.
  • If you are seeing any losing cables or fraying cables check its condition and arrange it accordingly.
  • Check that cables are connected to the monitor and DVR perfectly and also check its power supply circuits.
  • Check any gray and dust particles build-up on the monitor and DVR; clean dust particles on the monitor screen and DVR so that it provides maximum performance.
  • If your DVR is overheating, then it needs service. Otherwise, it leads to catching fire.
  • Check the video and audio quality time and again that you are getting clear transmission of video and not hearing any distortion of sound.
  • If you install a camera outdoor then check its video output and remove obstructions that are coming in the camera direction.
  • DVR comprises HDD, cables, etc. HDD keeps video and audio data stored in it. Periodic data backup is necessary to enhance the function of the CCTV. You can keep the monthly data to a separate storage device i.e. External HDD.

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