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Professional CCTV Camera Installation Services in Kolkata

Discover the leading solution for CCTV camera installation in Kolkata, tailored for home and business security. Our cutting-edge technology transforms the way you oversee and control your security systems. With just a simple tap on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can effortlessly monitor your property from any location, thanks to the latest WiFi and modern technological advancements. Experience unmatched convenience and safety with our unparalleled service, designed to cater to your every security need. Choose the trusted name in Kolkata for a seamless, user-friendly approach to safeguarding your premises.

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Each CCTV setup is uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of every location and individual, ensuring a tailored security solution.


Only genuine products with warranties are offered, sourced directly from authorized manufacturers or distributors to guarantee quality.


Our services, including installation, maintenance, and repairs, are executed with utmost professionalism and efficiency.


We provide dedicated 24/6 customer support to address inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and offer advice during weekdays.

Immediate Assistance

For urgent support, customers can easily reach out to our helpline for quick and effective solutions.


Our commitment to reliability has earned us the trust and satisfaction of our clients, with a team always ready to assist.


Welcome to CSGOCO, Kolkata’s premier name in security solutions. Founded in 2012, our company has established itself as a leader in the CCTV camera market. With our headquarters in Kolkata, we’ve proudly installed over 20,000+ CCTV systems, making us a significant presence in the city’s security landscape.

Our expertise in CCTV camera installation in Kolkata sets us apart. We provide top-tier, innovative, intelligent security solutions for homes and businesses. At CSGOCO, we prioritize your safety and security, offering the latest surveillance technology to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Our team comprises experienced professionals and engineers with years of industry knowledge to deliver exceptional service to your doorstep. Choose CSGOCO for reliable, efficient, and quality CCTV camera installation in Kolkata, tailored to protect what matters most to you.

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Why Choose Us?

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Assess Your Security Needs: We will assess your security requirements based on your property and situation. Additionally, our technician could explain the differences between different types of CCTV systems and cameras, for instance, HD and standard analogue.

Site Survey and Estimates: We conduct a point check to assess the client’s requirements. Specifically, for smaller jobs like a home CCTV installation for a small house, we generally use Google Streetview to determine the front of the property while gathering other details from the client, such as the number of apartments, any extensions, entry points, and so on. Consequently, we work out a result.

Genuine Products With All India Warranty: We offer a minimum 1-year manufacturer warranty on all hardware, which includes an all-India warranty.

After-sales and Technical Support: Ensure your CCTV installer provides after-sales and technical support. Importantly, our support is free for one year for CCTV installations. Additionally, our support is available from 10 am to 7 pm. All you need to do is call us for CCTV Support.

Maintenance Plans: We offer maintenance plans to ensure your CCTV equipment can be checked and serviced annually. Consequently, please read about our maintenance plans.

Flexibility of Booking Installation: We book the installation in our diary once the customer approves the estimate. Installation is usually completed within a week, or if, for example, your property has been recently stolen, then we can book an urgent emergency installation and complete it within one day.

Design Specification/ Proposal: CSGOCO will create a design and product specification before installing your CCTV. This process includes information such as which camera goes where and the specification of each camera, e.g., megapixels, lens size, and night and day details. It also covers how numerous cameras connect to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), hard drive capacity in days, recording quality, e.g., 15 frames per second or 1080p, etc.

Visit At Your Place In Just 2 Hours: After booking your appointment, one of our experts will arrive at your location within two hours.

Same-Day Installation: CSGOCO proudly offers same-day CCTV installation. Consequently, with us, you can access all our services at one low price!

Only Trained, Experienced & Certified Engineers: CSGOCO has trained, experienced, and certified engineers exclusively.

10 Years Of Experience: Our company has been in the CCTV installation business for over ten years and, as a market leader, we have installed over 75% of the cameras in Kolkata.

Best Price Guaranteed: We guarantee the best price for CCTV supply and installation in the market. Furthermore, we install all kinds of branded CCTV cameras cheaply, including on-site service. Moreover, we supply and install CCTV cameras with an on-site warranty, all by expert engineers.

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CSGOCO CCTV Camera Services In Kolkata

Effortless CCTV Camera Installation for Enhanced Security

Equipping your property with CCTV cameras is essential in today’s security-conscious world. At CSGOCO, our expert engineers, at the forefront of the latest technology, guide you to the ideal CCTV system for your home, office, shop, restaurant, or boutique – all within your budget. We ensure precise installation with optimal coverage across your entire premises. Our technicians meticulously install and synchronize every camera, guaranteeing clear footage that meets your security needs. Choose CSGOCO for worry-free security and peace of mind with expert-installed, high-performance CCTV.

Reliable CCTV Camera Repair Services

We conduct comprehensive diagnostic tests encompassing every aspect of your camera and its components: lenses, electrical connections, cable functionality, monitor performance, and system programming. No issue escapes our keen eye.

Once we pinpoint the problem, our expert technicians perform top-quality repairs and rigorous testing to ensure your camera operates flawlessly before reinstalling it. You can rest assured your security system will return to optimal performance in no time.

Choose CSGOCO for reliable, expert CCTV camera repair services. Contact us today!

Customized Annual Maintenance for Continuous Protection

Regular maintenance checks are crucial to ensure your CCTV system remains in peak condition. Our skilled technicians provide essential services to monitor your cameras’ performance and image quality. By opting for our customized annual maintenance contracts, you’ll benefit from timely upkeep and repairs, keeping your security system up-to-date and functioning flawlessly. Our use of the latest technology for periodic assessments ensures your CCTV setup always provides the protection you need.

Our simplified and user-friendly approach to CCTV installation, repair, and maintenance services ensures you can easily understand and access the security solutions you need for peace of mind and property protection.

Providing Superior Security Solutions

If you are looking to install CCTV cameras in Kolkata and want to discover the best place for installation, then look no further than us. Additionally, we have installed over 12,000 CCTV systems throughout Kolkata. Consequently, let our team assist you in choosing the right camera. 

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Secure Your Space: Expert CCTV Camera Installation In KOLKATA

Opting for CCTV Camera Installation in KOLKATA ensures your premises are secure. Additionally, our expertise extends beyond mere installation; we customize comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs. With more than 12,000 systems installed in Kolkata, we possess the experience necessary to recommend the optimal setup for your space. Initially, our process involves a detailed assessment to pinpoint surveillance needs, subsequently recommending suitable cameras for thorough coverage. Whether you require high-resolution or night vision cameras, we guarantee constant monitoring. Furthermore, our commitment to CCTV Camera Installation in KOLKATA encompasses ongoing support and maintenance to maintain peak system performance, thereby ensuring cost-effective, reliable security. Partner with us for a service that prioritizes your safety, offering peace of mind. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and secure your future.

Complete Guide to CCTV Camera Installation Services in Kolkata

CCTV, which stands for Closed Circuit Television, is a pivotal security feature designed to monitor and record activities in various settings. Unlike standard televisions that capture and broadcast publicly aired content, CCTV systems are dedicated surveillance tools. These systems typically consist of one or more cameras that transmit video (and sometimes audio) data to a designated monitor or recording device. Ideal for surveillance, CCTV cameras are strategically installed in places like building exteriors, entrance gates, and other critical outdoor and indoor locations. They can be utilized for real-time monitoring or for recording footage to be reviewed at a later time.

The Significance of CCTV Camera Installation

In today’s world, the installation of CCTV cameras transcends beyond a mere convenience to become a crucial component for safeguarding residential and commercial spaces. These surveillance systems offer a myriad of benefits such as providing continuous visual monitoring, aiding in the detection and deterrence of potential security breaches, enhancing safety protocols, and contributing significantly to the peace of mind of property owners and managers.

Many Uses of CCTV Cameras

 technology serves a broad spectrum of purposes across different sectors:

  • Crime Detection and Prevention: A fundamental use of CCTV cameras is in law enforcement and community safety, where they play a critical role in deterring criminal activities and assisting in crime investigation and resolution.
  • Industrial Surveillance: In manufacturing and industrial settings, CCTV systems are employed to monitor production processes, ensure compliance with safety standards, and prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.
  • Workplace Monitoring: Businesses use CCTV systems to oversee employee activities, ensure workplace safety, and protect against internal theft or misconduct.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and universities implement CCTV surveillance to monitor public areas, enhance student and staff safety, and deter vandalism.
  • Transportation Sector: CCTV cameras are extensively used in the transportation industry, including airports, train stations, and on public transport vehicles, to ensure passenger safety and secure transit operations.

This detailed guide delves into the critical aspects of CCTV installation services in Kolkata, emphasizing the technology’s indispensable role in modern security measures. It covers the fundamental understanding of CCTV systems, their importance in ensuring safety, and the wide-ranging applications across various sectors, highlighting how they contribute to a more secure and monitored environment.

Types of CCTV Camera

dome CCTV Camera installation in kolkata

Dome CCTV Camera

Ideal for indoor surveillance, offers a discreet design, and provides a wide viewing angle with vandal-resistant features.

Bullet CCTV Camera installation in kolkata

Bullet CCTV Camera

Designed for outdoor use, recognizable by its long, cylindrical shape, perfect for monitoring large, specific areas.

PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Camera installation in kolkata

PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Offers remote directional and zoom control, suitable for areas requiring active monitoring and detailed views.

C-Mount CCTV Camera Installation In Kolkata

C-Mount CCTV Camera

Features detachable lenses, allowing for customization of distance and field of view, adaptable for various surveillance needs.

Day-Night CCTV Camera Installation In Kolkata

Day-Night CCTV Camera

Capable of operating in both normal and poorly lit environments, ensuring continuous monitoring regardless of lighting conditions.

Infrared-Night Vision CCTV camera installation in kolkata

Infrared-Night Vision CCTV

Utilizes infrared LEDs to capture clear video in total darkness, ideal for round-the-clock surveillance in external areas.

Network-IP CCTV Camera installation in kolkata

Network-IP CCTV Camera

Transmits video over a network, allowing for remote viewing on internet-connected devices, offers high-resolution footage.

Wireless CCTV Camera installation in kolkata

Wireless CCTV Camera

Provides flexibility in installation without the need for video cables, making it perfect for areas where wiring is challenging.

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India's top CCTV brand relies on Citi Service Group Of Companies (CSGOCO)


High skilled technician installed camera in my office stillnow its works with good condition thanks for your better service by understanding the customer demands.
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Sayantan Bar
Google Reviewer
The camera's price is comparatively standard and the techniciand are so experienced and profetional..... I am thankful for the quality of service you provided.
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Rahul Das
Google Reviewer
Had a satisfying installing cctv cameras for the outdoor premises of our residence in Kolkata. There were prompts and the quote provided was competitive. Overall satisfied during the installation phase.
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Puja Singh
Google Reviewer
Highly qualified and experienced technical team installing cameras perfectly. Satisfied and recommend for the price of your cameras.
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Sahid Ahmad
Google Reviewer
Today one CP WI-FI Camera was installed by CSGOCO. The engineers are very skilled and knowledgeable and also Soft-spoken with decent behavior. Overall excellent. From Goutam Nandi.
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Goutam Nandi
Google Reviewer

Book A Free Home Visit

CSGOCO is pleased to offer free home visits for CCTV camera installation. Consequently, our team of experienced professionals will visit your home to assess your security needs and, subsequently, recommend the best CCTV camera system for your property. During the home visit, our experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your premises, thereby identifying potential security vulnerabilities. Following this, they will advise you on the best locations to install the CCTV cameras. Additionally, they will discuss the various features and options available, including remote monitoring, motion detection, and night vision capabilities. Once you have chosen the CCTV system that meets your requirements, our team will subsequently schedule a convenient time to install the cameras. We use only high-quality equipment and, furthermore, employ the latest installation techniques to ensure that your CCTV system is set up correctly and working at optimal levels. At CSGOCO, we believe that the safety and security of our clients are of the utmost importance. Consequently, that’s why we offer comprehensive CCTV camera installation services to ensure that your home is protected around the clock. Therefore, contact us today to book your free home visit and take the first step towards a more secure home.

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  • Security and privacy are indeed two sides of the same coin. Importantly, you can’t have privacy without security, and conversely, security without privacy is equally implausible.


  • Security as a topic has indeed continued to rise in popularity over the recent couple of years, and understandably, it comes as no surprise.

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