The 4×4 PVC box is a weatherproof plastic box used in CCTV to protect camera connections and wiring. It’s affordable, easy to install, and comes with pre-drilled holes for cables and mounting. Choose the right size with proper ventilation for your camera setup.

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The 4×4 PVC box is a versatile and economical enclosure widely used in CCTV camera installations. Made of durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, it provides a weatherproof and protective housing for camera connections and wiring.

Benefits for CCTV Use:

Weatherproof Protection: The PVC material shields camera connections and wiring from rain, dust, and other outdoor elements, ensuring reliable operation.
Conceals and Protects Connections: The box keeps wiring organized and protects it from accidental damage or tampering.
Easy Installation: The lightweight design and standard size (4 inches x 4 inches) make it simple to mount on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces. Most models come with pre-drilled holes for easy cable entry and secure camera mounting.
Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to metal enclosures, 4×4 PVC boxes offer a budget-friendly option for protecting camera connections.
Versatility: These boxes can accommodate various camera types and wiring configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of CCTV installations.
Things to Consider for CCTV Use:

Size: While 4×4 is a common size, ensure it provides enough space for your specific camera connections and any additional components like surge protectors.
Mounting Options: Choose a box with suitable mounting holes or features for your chosen mounting location (wall, ceiling, etc.). Some models might require additional mounting brackets.
Cable Entry: Select a box with pre-drilled cable entry points or knockouts that allow for easy cable access and maintain a weatherproof seal.
Ventilation: Consider models with built-in ventilation or create ventilation holes if needed, especially for cameras that generate heat.
Overall, the 4×4 PVC box is a practical and cost-effective solution for protecting camera connections and wiring in CCTV installations. Its weatherproof design, simple installation, and versatility make it a popular choice for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.


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Availability: 100000 in stock