Taufique (4+Years Exp) ₹350/Camera


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This service provides professional installation of a CCTV camera system for your home or business. Here’s what’s typically included:


Our technician will discuss your security needs and recommend the optimal camera placement for maximum coverage.

Camera Installation:

We will mount the cameras in pre-determined locations, ensuring proper cabling and concealment (if desired).

Cable Installation:

We will run the necessary cables to connect the cameras to the recording device (DVR or NVR).

System Setup:

We will configure the recording device and connect it to your monitor for viewing camera feeds.

Basic testing of the system to ensure functionality is also included.

Additional Notes:

This description represents a basic service.

More advanced features like night vision camera setup or remote access configuration might require additional charges.

The cost of the service may vary depending on the number of cameras, cable length required, and any additional features requested.

Benefits of Professional CCTV Camera Installation:

Ensures proper camera placement for optimal coverage and security.

Guarantees professional cabling and system configuration.

Provides peace of mind knowing your system is installed correctly.

For a complete and secure CCTV system, consider professional installation.


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cctv camera installation in kolkata chargesTaufique (4+Years Exp) ₹350/Camera

Availability: 100000 in stock