Ideal for powering a single low-power camera or a small camera system.

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CP Plus SMPS Power Supplies: Reliable Power for Your Security Cameras
CP Plus SMPS power supplies provide a dependable and efficient solution for powering your CCTV cameras. They offer a compact design and easy installation, making them ideal for various security camera setups.

Key Features:

Reliable Power Delivery: Ensure consistent power to your security cameras for uninterrupted surveillance.
Multiple Amperage Options: Choose from 5ACP, 10ACP, and 20A models to suit the power requirements of your specific camera setup.
Compact Design: The space-saving design allows for discreet placement near your cameras.
Easy Installation: Enjoy a user-friendly installation process for quick setup.
Here’s a breakdown for the available Amperage options:

CP Plus SMPS 5ACP: Ideal for powering a single low-power camera or a small camera system.
CP Plus SMPS 10ACP: A good choice for powering a few standard security cameras.
CP Plus SMPS 20A: Suitable for powering multiple cameras or higher-power PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras.
Upgrade your security camera system’s reliability with a CP Plus SMPS power supply!

Additional Points to Consider Highlighting:

Regulated output voltage for stable camera operation
Built-in protections against overload, short circuit, and overheating (depending on the model)
LED indicators for power status monitoring (depending on the model)
By incorporating these details, you can create informative descriptions for each CP Plus SMPS power supply model.


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Availability: 100000 in stock