Electric Board Soket 1.5 Yard


Electric Board Socket” likely refers to a power outlet on your electrical panel with a pre-attached power cord (1.5 or 3 yards long) for CCTV cameras. Choose the outlet with a long enough cord to reach your camera location without needing extension cords (if possible). PoE is a better option if your system supports it, eliminating the need for separate power outlets.

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These are standard power outlets mounted on an electrical panel that provide power to your CCTV cameras. The length of the pre-attached wires (1.5 yards and 3 yards) determines how far you can place the camera from the electrical panel without needing extension cords.

Important Considerations for CCTV Use:

Power Requirements: Ensure the socket provides the correct voltage and amperage to power your CCTV camera. Most CCTV cameras operate on 12V DC, requiring a power adapter to convert the AC power from the outlet.
Wire Length: Choose the socket with the appropriate wire length to reach your desired camera location. While a longer wire (3 yards) offers more flexibility, avoid excessively long runs due to potential voltage drop.
Safety: Always ensure qualified personnel handle electrical installations. Verify proper grounding and circuit breaker capacity to handle the additional load of your CCTV cameras.
Alternative Solutions:

Power Over Ethernet (PoE): If your CCTV system utilizes PoE technology, you can eliminate the need for separate power outlets near each camera. PoE supplies power directly through the network cable, simplifying installation.
Extension Cords: As a last resort, use high-quality extension cords with the appropriate gauge (thickness) to handle the power requirements of your cameras. However, prioritize using existing outlets or PoE whenever possible for a cleaner and more reliable setup.


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Electric Board Soket 1.5 Yard

Availability: 100000 in stock