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An NVR rack (also CCTV or DVR rack) is a cabinet that keeps your CCTV system’s NVR (recording device) and other equipment organized and protected. It saves space, improves ventilation, and allows for future expansion. Look for the right size, material, and ventilation for your CCTV system’s needs.

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An NVR rack, also commonly referred to as a CCTV rack or DVR rack, is a dedicated cabinet designed to house and protect your CCTV system’s Network Video Recorder (NVR) and other related components. In a CCTV installation, an NVR rack offers several advantages:

Organization and Protection:

Keeps Everything Organized: The rack neatly houses your NVR, power supplies, monitors, and other equipment, preventing clutter and maintaining a professional appearance for your security control center.
Protects Equipment: The enclosed design safeguards your valuable CCTV components from dust, dirt, accidental bumps, and tampering. This is crucial for ensuring reliable operation of your NVR.
Improved Ventilation: Many NVR racks feature ventilation holes or fans to promote airflow and prevent overheating of your equipment, maximizing performance and longevity.
Space Optimization and Scalability:

Saves Floor Space: NVR racks utilize vertical space efficiently, keeping your CCTV system off the ground and maximizing floor space in your security room.
Scalability: Certain rack designs allow for adding additional shelves or mounting brackets, enabling you to accommodate future system expansion with more cameras or other components.
Security and Access Control:

Locking Doors: Some NVR racks come equipped with lockable doors to deter unauthorized access and prevent tampering with your recording device and settings.
Cable Management: Racks often have provisions for cable management, keeping cables organized and preventing tangled messes behind the unit. This improves airflow and aesthetics.
Choosing the Right NVR Rack:

Size: Consider the size and weight of your NVR and any additional components you plan to house in the rack. Choose a rack with enough space for your current needs and potential future growth.
Material: Racks are typically made from steel or heavy-duty plastic. Steel offers superior durability for heavier equipment, while plastic options might be more budget-friendly for lighter setups.
Number of Units: Select a rack with the appropriate number of shelves or mounting points to accommodate your existing and potential future equipment.
Ventilation: Ensure the rack has proper ventilation to prevent overheating, especially for high-performance NVRs.
By incorporating an NVR rack into your CCTV installation, you can create a well-organized, protected, and scalable security system that ensures optimal performance and longevity for your valuable equipment.


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NVR Rack 2U

Availability: 100000 in stock