Rack Install With LED Install


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This service provides professional installation of your CCTV system’s recording device (DVR/NVR) and related equipment within a rack cabinet, along with LED lighting for improved visibility inside the rack.

Here’s what the service typically covers:

Rack Mounting: Securely mounting your DVR/NVR, power supplies, and other components within a designated rack cabinet.

Cable Management: Organizing and neatly routing all cables within the rack for a clean and professional appearance.

LED Lighting Installation: Adding LED strips or fixtures inside the rack to provide clear visibility of equipment and connections during maintenance or troubleshooting.

Functionality Testing: Verifying proper operation of all equipment after installation.


Organization and Protection: The rack keeps your equipment organized and protected from dust, dirt, and accidental damage.

Improved Visibility: LED lighting allows for easier viewing of connections and troubleshooting within the rack.

Scalability: The rack can accommodate future system expansion with additional equipment.

Professional Appearance: A well-organized and lit rack presents a professional image for your security system.

Things to Consider:

Existing Equipment: This service typically assumes you already have the rack, DVR/NVR, and other components.

Complexity: While basic, this service might not include advanced configuration of your CCTV system itself.

Additional Services: For camera installation, network setup, or advanced configuration, inquire about additional services from the installer.

By utilizing this service, you can ensure a professional and well-organized CCTV system with improved accessibility for maintenance.


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Rack Install With LED Install

Availability: 100000 in stock